Apple’s Keyframer: A New Tool for Animation Design Using Text

Apple has recently developed a new application that can animate simple drawings using text descriptions. The app, called Keyframer, uses a large language model (LLM) to generate CSS animation code based on natural language prompts. Users can create and edit animations by entering text commands, such as “Make the rocket launch into the sky with a bunch of fire blowing out beneath it.” The app can also help users generate ideas by suggesting possible animations for a given drawing.

Keyframer is a prototype that demonstrates the potential of LLMs for animation design. LLMs are artificial intelligence models that can generate text for various purposes, such as writing stories, summarizing articles, or answering questions. Keyframer leverages the LLM GPT-4, which is trained on a large corpus of text from the web. GPT-4 can understand the meaning and context of natural language prompts and produce relevant and coherent responses.

According to the research paper published by the developers of Keyframer, the app can support a range of animation scenarios, such as creating motion graphics, data visualizations, or instructional content. The app can also handle complex animations that involve multiple elements, timing, and transitions. Users can preview the animations in real time and export them as SVG files that can be used on other platforms.

The developers of Keyframer conducted a user study with nine participants who had different levels of experience and domains in animation design. The participants were asked to animate two illustrations: a Saturn scene and a rocketship scene. The participants were able to create various animations using text prompts, such as making the planet spin, the rocketship lift off, or the text pop up. The participants also reported that Keyframer was easy to use, fun, and inspiring.

Keyframer is not yet available to the public, but it could have a significant impact on the animation landscape if it is released by Apple. The app could enable users to create professional-quality animations with minimal effort and without requiring any coding skills. The app could also foster creativity and experimentation by allowing users to explore different animation possibilities with text.

Feature Benefit
Text-based animation design Users can create and edit animations using natural language commands
LLM-powered animation generation Users can leverage the power and flexibility of GPT-4 to produce relevant and coherent animations
Real-time animation preview Users can see the effects of their text prompts immediately and adjust them as needed
SVG animation export Users can save and share their animations as scalable vector graphics that can be used on other platforms
Idea generation Users can get suggestions for possible animations from the LLM

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